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Foot And Ankle Surgery

Find out when it’s time that you should consider foot or ankle surgery.

While there are so many ways to treat common foot and ankle conditions that don’t require surgery, there are some factors and situations foot surgerythat certainly warrant this more aggressive treatment. Not all problems can be addressed through simple, at-home care. Our Denver, CO, podiatrists, Dr. Eric Jaakola and Dr. Anna Weber, provide information on when certain conditions may actually need surgery to properly heal:


While there are many measures you can take to try and reduce your pain, if you are experiencing severe or chronic pain that rest, heat therapy, exercise, medication or other therapies can’t tackle then it’s time to talk to our Denver foot doctor about whether surgery is the next logical step. As arthritis gets worse, inflammation can wear away and damage joints, tendons and ligaments. As a result, the foot becomes weaker and daily activities are often greatly affected. If this is the case, surgery can be the best measure for replacing or repairing the damaged joint to improve movement and function.


As with arthritis, bunions symptoms can often be managed quite nicely with conservative daily care, whether that includes wearing the proper footwear, using custom orthotics or splinting the toe. If bunion pain and discomfort have become so serious that it’s painful to move around, or if conservative methods have failed to provide you with relief, then it’s time to talk to us about surgery to correct the malformation.


There are two kinds of hammertoes: fixed and flexible. If you have a flexible hammertoe it might be bend but you still have the ability to straighten the toe out. A fixed hammertoe, on the other hand, will be shaped much like a claw (bent downwards at the middle joint of the toe) and won’t be able to be straightened out. If this claw-like toe is fixed in place the only way to correct this deformity is with surgery, which will remove part of the bone to reposition the toe. In some cases, pins are temporarily used to hold the toe in position for several weeks before needing to be removed.

Do you have questions about foot surgery? Do you want to find out if foot or ankle surgery could correct your condition? Then call Diabetic Foot & Wound Center and Colorado Sports Podiatry in Denver, CO today.

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