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Times You May Need Foot Surgery

When a podiatric condition does not respond to conservative treatments, you may need foot surgery at Diabetic Foot & Wound Center here in Denver, CO. Led by Dr. Eric Jaakola, Dr. Anna Weber, and Dr. Olivera Jovic, we perform a variety of in-office and hospital procedures to restore function, comfort, form, and movement—read on to learn more.

Foot surgeries at our Denver office

There are three components to any surgical procedure involving your lower extremities:

  1. Pre-operative examination, in which your foot doctor inspects your feet and ankles, keying in on your specific complaint (exam may include blood work, specialized imaging, and more)
  2. The surgery itself, accomplished with local anesthetic for a discomfort-free experience
  3. Aftercare, which may include limited weight-bearing, immobilization, therapy, casting, customized orthotics, and more to ensure your comfort and complete healing

Common foot surgeries

  • Bunionectomy, to remove a bump on the side of the foot and to align the big toe
  • Wound debridement, which removes dead and infected tissue (often due to diabetes)
  • Matrixectomy, permanent removal of a toenail which has become ingrown
  • Ankle fusion, removal of damaged cartilage and installation of screws or pins to stabilize the joint
  • Neuroma removal, the excision of a common benign foot tumor
  • Tendon surgery,  to repair, lengthen, or tighten a tendon to improve function
  • Skin surgery, to remove warts, moles, corns, or calluses
  • Plantar fascia release, which allows the connective tissue across the arch have freer movement (can include removal of an associated bone spur on the heel)

Arthritis, injury, and congenital malformation are reasons for reconstructive surgeries. Here at Diabetic Foot & Wound Center, our experts use surgical procedures to correct a number of pediatric deformities of the foot and ankle. Using innovative techniques and specialized instruments, we offer the shortest possible recovery times and outcomes that last.

Do you need foot surgery?

Don't worry—you'll be well cared for by the doctors and staff here at Diabetic Foot & Wound Center in Denver, CO. Call us today with any concerns you may have about your podiatric health: (303) 321-4477.

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