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Treating Your Bunions

Has bunion pain kept you off your feet? When your feet hurt, it's much more difficult to exercise or even shop for groceries. If your job requires long hours on your feet, the pain can become difficult to handle. Fortunately, your podiatrists, Drs. Eric Jaakola, Anna Weber, and Olivera Jovic of Diabetic Foot & Wound Center in Denver, CO, offer treatments that can soothe your bunion pain.

What you can do about bunion pain

A few at-home measures can help you control your pain, including:

  • Going Shoe Shopping: Tight shoes press on your bunion, increasing your pain. Make sure the shoes that you buy are wide enough to accommodate your bunions easily. Have your toes begun to overlap? Look for shoes that have high toe boxes to reduce friction, and avoid high heels or tight shoes.
  • Using Pain Relievers and Ice: Ice and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium may reduce swelling and pain.
  • Limiting Walking and Standing: The longer you are on your feet, the worse your pain may be. If you run or jog for exercise, consider switching to swimming or other forms of exercise that don't stress the feet.

If your pain continues or worsens, these treatments and strategies may help:

  • Wearing Orthotics in Your Shoes: Your Denver foot doctor can design custom shoe inserts for you that cushion your foot, reduce pressure on your bunions and help keep your joints properly aligned.
  • Taping or Splinting Your Foot: Wear night splints while you sleep and taping your foot during the day can improve the alignment of your joints and slow the progression of your bunions. Your podiatrist can provide the splints and show you how to tape your foot.
  • Considering Corticosteroid Injections: If your pain doesn't improve, your foot doctor may recommend a corticosteroid injection to decrease pain and inflammation.
  • Trying a Few Exercises: During your visit to our podiatry office, your foot doctor can also show you a few exercises that will prevent your big toe from becoming stiff.
  • Thinking About Surgery If You Still Have Pain: Bunions won't go away on their own. If you have significant pain or your bunions interfere with your life, surgery may be the best option. Surgery involves realigning your joints to eliminate your bunions and removing excess tissue and bone in some cases.

Do you have bunion pain? Call the podiatrists here at Diabetic Foot & Wound Center in Denver, CO, at (303) 321-4477 to schedule your appointment.

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