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Treating Your Achilles Pain

You can strain your Achilles tendon after an especially strenuous workout, or if you make a sudden change in your activity level. But age will also weaken it, make it more prone to injury. You may be able to treat it at home, but if your condition doesn't improve or is particularly painful please contact your specialists, Dr. Eric Jaakola, Dr. Anna Weber, and Dr. Olivera Jovic of the Diabetic Foot & Wound Center in Denver, CO.

Common Treatments

An often-used method to treat these types of injuries immediately after they happen is abbreviated as RICE. As rest, ice, compression, and elevation are the steps involved in the treatment.

To aid it in healing faster, you want to avoid putting pressure on the injured tendon for a couple of days. That's where rest comes in.

The ice helps with the inflammation. Apply it only for about 15 minutes and let it rest. But don't let the ice come in direct contact with the skin. Wrap it in a towel or use a cooling pad.

Compression with either a wrap or tape similarly helps reduce swelling. As does elevating the injured limb. Use a pillow to raise it above the level of your heart.

Anti-inflammatory medication like aspirin or ibuprofen can help in the early stages but speak with your doctor about over the counter medication you're taking.

If your condition worsens, or for severe cases in general, your doctor may suggest steroid injections. They may even advise surgery. Which can take weeks, sometimes months, to rehabilitate. It's why it's important to keep them appraised of your injury's progress.

Treating Your Achilles Pain in Denver, CO

You can lower your chance of incurring an injury by stretching before and after workouts. Try not to increase your exercise routine too suddenly, and make sure your footwear's appropriate for your type of activity. For further advice and help to treat your Achilles pain call your professionals, Dr. Jaakola, Dr. Weber, and Dr. Jovic of the Diabetic Foot & Wound Center in Denver, CO. Dial (303) 321-4477 today.

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